My book, My Health Is Your Wealth, is published by Amazon Createspace and Kindle.

This book is about the personal journey of a few determined individuals towards health and vitality from many chronic and incurable diseases. As a result of independent research, critical thinking, paradigm shifting, will-power and support from others, they cured themselves from various symptoms ranging from allergies, dark circles around the eyes, eczema, fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, sinusitis, excessive mucous, snoring, urinary tract infection and rectal itching using alternative medicine.

Ask yourself, “would it not be great” to look younger with glowing skin;  to have energy and vitality;  to have a healthy body without any allergy or inflammation?

In praise of his book, Dr. Sandra Goodman, Editor and Director of Positive Health Publications Ltd. wrote, “Ravi Sahay’s infinite persistence in seeking a cure for his Candida, Sinusitis,Eczema and Urinary Tract Infections will be inspirational for fellow afflicted sufferers. The wisdom and experience of Integrated Holistic treatment approaches, including Ayurveda, Nutrition and Diet has enabled Mr Sahay to produce an eloquent and coherent plea for a more effective, rational and cost-effective Medical System. Will the Medical Establishment be listening?”

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