I do know that my life is better from the work you do. Many thanks! I had struggled for years with sinus problems and hives that kept me in and out of the doctor’s office and the ER. I was always put on steroids and antibiotics. I felt my health was getting worse and it did not help that I had a very stressful job. Finally, I sought help with an N.D. who diagnosed me with Candida and I began a holistic healing treatment. I started research on the internet, not knowing much about this diagnosis. One day I came across an article that had been written by Ravi Sahay. I felt like he was telling my story!!! I was thrilled. I thought I was crazy for a long time and to hear he had experienced everything that I was going through, validated me that I was on the right path. He gave me a copy of his book, “My Health is Your Wealth.” This is a great book that is right on the pulse of the movement this country is slowing on the way to recognizing more and more. He covers all the different ways to take of your body and heal your body from chronic diseases and how the medical field effects our lives as a whole. I just want to thank Ravi for helping me. I still refer to his book and the tips he has given me that continue to help me live a healthier life style in general. My life is completely different than when I began this journey in 2007. I have a job I love today, I am active, have a healthy low glycemic diet and have peace. I also have not needed to be on antibiotics since! Thank you Ravi for your service!
L. Hurt, San Diego, CA